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SERIES: Lost Purse Part 2

October 21st, 2008 at 11:15 am

This is a series about a certain purse owned by the Sangl Family. Unlike every other series I have written, I am NOT excited to be writing this one.

Part 2 - The Panic
Upon discovery that the purse was missing, I immediately logged in to our bank accounts to see how much of our money was missing with fraudulent charges. $0 of unexpected charges were there. Whew!

I then had Jenn prepare a list of everything that was in the purse. It was a mile-long list.

I called the bank and had them shut off the debit cards. The person at the bank was extremely helpful. I could not believe how helpful they were!

Then I tried to remember where exactly the McDonald's was. I remembered that there was a Red Box outside the store that was not working. I looked up on Red Box's website to find the McDonalds in the Nashville area. There were none that made sense.

So I pulled up Google Maps and searched "McDonald's Nashville, TN". I found two that were located about where I thought we had pulled off. When I zoomed in on the "Satellite" view, I was able to narrow in on the store.

I called the store and confirmed that they had a Red Box outside that was not working and the type of interior the store had. I asked them if a purse had been turned in. They said, "Yes!" I was PUMPED! Then they told me that it was actually a backpack with a bunch of clothes in it. I was SAD!

They said that they did not have a purse, but that I should call back each day to see if it were turned in. Right. Like that is going to flippin' work!

Oh - one more thing - did I mention that Jenn left her cell phone in her purse? Now we have no purse, all the cash is gone, the iPod is gone, the checkbooks are gone, our old Purdue college IDs are gone. It is ALL gone.

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2 Responses to “SERIES: Lost Purse Part 2”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Did you try to call the cell to see if an honest person answered? Is the cell on where you could locate it with gps, or is that a "just for tv" thing.

  2. nance Says:

    I'm sure she feels worse than you do. I left my purse behind once, and was lucky to get it back. The older man who found it even delivered it to my house in a snow storm. There are some honest people out there.

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